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Amerex Model 240 Water Type

Water Type Fire Extinguisher
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Specifications: Water

Size & Capacity (Gal.): 2 ½
Application: Hose and Nozzle
Model Number: 240
U/L Rating: 2A
Height (in.): 24 ½
Width (in.): 9
Depth (Diam. - in.): 7
Range (ft.): 45 - 55
Discharge Time (Sec.): 50
F. M. Approved: YES
Standard Bracket: Wall

Polished Stainless Steel Cylinders
All Metal Valve Construction
Leaves no powder residue
User Friendly
Maximum visibility during discharge
Novice friendly, easy to understand instructions
Bar Coded Labels

(Temperature Range +40°F to 120°F)
Note: The Model 240 may be freeze protected to -40°F by
adding a Model 506 Anti-Freeze charge

Manufactured and Tested to ANSI/UL Standards
Amerex is an ISO-9001:2000 Registered Firm